Teignbridge to build 741 homes a year

Residents in Teignbridge have less than a week to give their views on plans for development across the district over the next 17 years. 

Will they then follow EDDC and pause to await the revisions to the PPF? – Owl

Phillip Churm, local democracy reporter www.radioexe.co.uk

The draft local plan identifies how land should be used for homes and jobs as well as setting out the infrastructure needed to support developments such as roads, schools and healthcare.

It also aims to protect the environment by tackling climate change and promoting low carbon energy.  

People can give their thoughts on the plan until noon on Monday 13 March  when the fifth and final public consultation closes.

The draft local plan, described by the council as “ambitious and forward looking,” has been approved by councillors and features land allocations for 4,560 homes, with about a quarter of them affordable, more homes for people with mobility issues and it will ensure all developments are net zero by 2028.

Liberal Democrat councillor for Dawlish South West and executive member for planning, Gary Taylor said: “The final draft proposals have been shaped by the more than 7,000 people who have contributed their views at the different consultation stages.

“Residents, businesses and other organisations have just a few days left to take advantage of this final consultation and submit their views.  Please take the time to do so by completing the feedback form on our website by noon on Monday.”

The approximate distribution of new homes across the district will be:

Newton Abbot and Kingsteignton Garden Community – 37 per cent

Edge of Exeter – 46 per cent

Coastal and rural towns – 5 per cent

Villages – 12 per cent

In addition, about 65 hectares of land is allocated for employment use while two sites are identified for gypsies and travellers.

Three major expansions to existing settlements are proposed. Firstly, at Bradmore, west of Houghton Barton on the outskirts of Newton Abbot, for approximately 1,050 homes. These are in addition to the 1,800 homes in the area allocated in the existing local plan.

On the edge of Exeter, approximately 900 homes are planned for Markham Village, which will be created as a small new village between Ide and Shillingford Abbot, while a mixed use development of approximately 750 homes at Peamore is also proposed.

The plan will increase the rate of new housebuilding in Teignbridge to an average of 741 homes per year and all new-build open market homes on allocated sites will be occupied as a primary residence – secured through a legal process.

It adds how brownfield sites will be prioritised to help regenerate town centres, while most new homes would be located close to jobs, services and sustainable transport. Some small development sites are also identified in larger villages to help sustain essential local services.  

After the consultation ends on Monday, the draft plan and all comments received will be submitted to the planning inspectorate for review and public examination. 

If approved, the plan will come into force in early 2024.

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