One thought on “Another question of the Privileges Committee….

  1. Personally I don’t care about whether Johnson was technically in breach of the rules about lying to Parliament nearly as much as I care about his utter lack of leadership by failing to set a decent example and follow (not only to the letter but also in spirit) the legal rules he was telling the rest of us to follow.

    If you want to be PM and lead the UK nation, then you had darn well better demonstrate some decent leadership skills, of which Boris has none. Instead he is entirely self-serving and entitled, failing to set an exemplary example during a crisis but instead demonstrating an entitled egotistical attitude that the rules were for lesser plebeians and not for him or his entourage.

    And now he is trotting out a combination of the “I didn’t know” and “I was told it was OK” excuses, that (even if we can believe them when uttered by a proven serial liar) simply don’t cut it and shouldn’t ever be uttered from the PM who is supposed to be “where the buck stops”.


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