Breaking: Last night’s council meeting to discuss Verita report on Humphreys pulled 

At the eleventh hour!

Despite this, BBC Spotlight featured the story, giving for once, a good summary of the case, pointing out that Humphreys continued as a councillor with access to children, after his arrest in 2016,  until 2019 . He was  then given the honorary title and status of Alderman. A title that is given to councillors who have given “great service”. Although one member of staff knew of the arrest, confidentiality meant that the EDDC safeguarding officer and others were kept in the dark.

The reason given for postponement is that “new evidence” has come to light at the last minute. 

An individual has come forward with  information that, if accurate, could materially affect the conclusions of the report.

The investigation has had to be reopened.

Paul Arnott was interviewed. He expressed disappointment that despite a conviction having been achieved in 2021, we still haven’t got to the bottom of the matter. He explained, the council has tried very hard in the interests of the victims and safeguarding young people and others in East Devon to get a proper  investigation. Yet here we are, he said, at the eleventh hour and the meeting is cancelled.

Paul Arnott waits to find out what this information is.

In the light of this week’s devastating report into the Met Police and the interrogation of a past Prime Minister at the Parliamentary Privilege committee for misleading parliament, candour in public service ought to be the order of the day.

To avoid speculation EDDC needs to explain urgently what is going on. – Owl