Hilarious! Led By Donkeys trick Nigel Farage into endorsing them

What better way to start your Easter weekend than with a light spot of trolling? Nigel Farage has been caught hook, line, and sinker by the latest ‘Led By Donkeys’ prank, which duped the controversial politician into endorsing their campaign.

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Tom Head www.thelondoneconomic.com

Who are Led By Donkeys?

Led By Donkeys are a group that routinely holds the government and far-right figures to account, through their viral stitch-ups. Last week, a group of Tory MPs were caught out by one of their stings, in which they offered second jobs to the likes of Matt Hancock and Kwasi Kwarteng.

The pair of former ministers were the highest-profile victims of the ruse, requesting fees of up to £1,500 an hour. Gavin Williamson, meanwhile, rejected the offer of a side-gig, politely declining a potentially lucrative (but totally falsified) offer.

Led By Donkeys add Nigel Farage to victim list

However, you don’t have to be in the Conservative Party to find yourself in the firing line. Led By Donkeys are staunchly anti-Brexit, which means the biggest Brexiteer of them all is considered fair game.

Nigel Farage runs his own Cameo account – a video service where you can record messages for people who request them. At around £70 per message, getting an earful from Mr. Farage doesn’t come cheap. But we’d argue this is money well spent.

Nigel Farage stitched-up by ‘Elbie Dee’

The former UKIP leader is tricked into calling LBD – cleverly disguised as ‘Elbie Dee’ on the request message – ‘very brave’. He then accidentally asks viewers to support their latest fundraiser, saying that change ‘needs to happen’.

For once, Nigel, we agree with you…

“Now, LBD is very brave. She isn’t going to get funding for her new film from the Hollywood wokerati. They’re all mad, looney, crazy liberals. Can all of you pony up for LBD’s fundraiser? We need to make change happen, and LBD needs your support.” | Nigel Farage

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