Did Simon Jupp and Phil Skinner jump the gun…

…when they announced “multi-million pounds” to sewage upgrades in Sidmouth and Axminster and Phil added: “So, to hear this news – the funding coming for South West Water to tidy up their act really to be fair as pollutants – is really good news for us.”?

The truth is that the accelerated investment proposals they refer to are only DRAFT decisions.

Consultation finishes on 24 April.

Inconveniently, the final decision will post date the local elections.

Anyone, apart from Phil, believe the evidence points to funding coming from SWW and their shareholders rather than the taxpayer or the consumer?

One thought on “Did Simon Jupp and Phil Skinner jump the gun…

  1. I’m still struggling to make sense of Phil Skinner’s comment. Apart from his use of the word “pollutant”, which makes it clear that he is confusing sewage, the pollutant, with SWW the polluter. Just as if it were on his farm when slurry or toxic chemicals would be the pollutant and he would be the polluter. I am sure he requests regular inspections from the Environment Agency to ensure his management of these matters is squeaky clean. Perhaps it is a deliberate mistake, made to avoid using the more inflammaTory but correct title for the offender. It’s clear that Jupp is trying to claim credit for the work of the environmentalists, having recently voted on party lines to protect water companies from tougher regulation, but is Cllr Skinner really trying to claim credit for the efforts of the current administration?


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