A House Divided. The Swires on Dominic Raab

First Sasha, according to The Times:

Sasha Swire — whose husband, Sir Hugo, helped co-ordinate Raab’s campaign — joked about it in her 2020 memoir, Diary of an MP’s Wife, depicting him as ambitious but gauche. When his name comes up as a possible contender, David and Samantha Cameron “shriek”. On meeting him for the first time, Sasha can’t decide “whether he is a real hottie or a bit nerdy”. “He appears a little frightened, a little unconfident,” she writes. Turning up at a Chequers meeting convened by the embattled Theresa May less than a fortnight later, Raab is described as looking “like he usually looks: sweaty and just out of the gym, and wanting to kill people”.

In her book Sasha Swire described Dominic Raab as looking “like he usually looks: sweaty and just out of the gym, and wanting to kill people”

Now Lord Hugo on the beeb

Hugo Swire, a Tory peer, said he thought Dominic Raab was “too big a talent” not to be back “in some capacity” following his resignation over bullying accusations.

Lord Swire told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:

“I think to lose somebody who has been a justice secretary, a lord chancellor, deputy prime minister and foreign secretary at this stage is very unwise.”

PA reports he recounted Raab’s time standing in for Boris Johnson while the former prime minister was ill with Covid-19, saying there “were no criticisms of that at all”.

He continued:

“I think this is a career which has been brought prematurely to a temporary halt because I fundamentally believe that a talent such as Dominic will reappear in some place at some time.

It is the government’s loss. I think he will be back in some capacity.

I think he is too big a talent not to be.”