“Standing up for our environment” can another Tory candidate stand scrutiny?

Just how environmentally squeaky clean do you have to be to campaign under the pledge: “Standing up for our environment”? 

It seems to be becoming a bit of a challenge for some Tory candidates.

Cheryl McGauley, the Tory candidate running alongside deputy Tory leader Ben Ingham in Woodbury and Lympstone, holds a number of company directorships. 

According to Companies House, both she and her husband are the only two directors of WOODBURY CAR BREAKERS LIMITED (08364146), Incorporated in 2013.

Two enforcement notices by the Environment Agency were served on the company in June and then again in October 2016

Offender NameAddressAction Date
WOODBURY CAR BREAKERS LTDGilbrook, Exeter, Devon, EX5 1LG19/10/2016
WOODBURY CAR BREAKERS LTDGilbrook, Exeter, Devon, EX5 1LG08/06/2016

Obviously the voters will ultimately decide whether this candidate, or indeed any Tory candidates, are really committed to standing up for our environment.

Simon Jupp’s: “We must do all we can to protect our countryside, rivers and coastline” is becoming a hollow soundbite.