Cranbrook is officially getting even bigger

It’s in line with plans to grow the town’s population to 20,000

The coalition led EDDC of the past three years inherited a local plan devised and driven through by successive Conservative administrations based on a high growth scenario. The 18 year housing target in the 2013-2031 EDDC local plan is a minimum of 17,100. This is an increase of 63% over what is needed purely to satisfy demographic trends. 

The coalition has also withdrawn from the secretive Greater Exeter Strategic Plan (GESP), a move opposed by every Tory councillor present at the debate.

GESP was the strategic plan to spread Exeter’s housing needs more widely with its neighbours: Teignbridge; East Devon and Mid Devon.

A draft allocation plan was published in 2019 (since withdrawn from the public domain). However we know that East Devon was set to take a disproportionate share of the total which amounted to a 150% uplift to the already eye watering local plan, and would continue to 2040. 

A vote for a Tory under the leadership of Phil Skinner is a vote to return to this “Build, build, build” policy. 

Leopards don’t change their spots. – Owl

Mary Stenson

Cranbrook is set to get even bigger as planning permission for more than 1,400 homes has been granted today (April 25). It comes as a separate application for another 1,035 homes was also approved last month.

A scheme of 1,435 new homes to be built in Cranbrook has secured planning permission at an East Devon District Council planning committee meeting today. The plans, which include a mix of apartments and houses on land at Cobdens, were first submitted in March 2022 by Persimmon Homes South West.

The plans are in line with the town’s Local Plan which aims for Cranbrook to reach a population of 20,000 and had allocated 110 hectares of land at the Cobdens Expansion Area for a mixed use development. Just last month, the 1,035 home development at Treasbeare was given the go-ahead.

The Cobdens development is following the Local Plan’s outlines for 15 per cent affordable housing as Persimmon has confirmed that 215 of the 1,435 will be transferred to a social housing provider for rent and shared ownership. A number of amenities are also set to be built, including a primary school with 630 spaces, a SEN school, a local centre, allotments, a place of worship, cemetery, ‘enhanced’ green space for leisure and recreation and 10 serviced pitches for Travellers.

A development of 1,435 new homes in the Cobdens area of Cranbrook has been granted planning permission (Image: Persimmon Homes South West)

Developers say that the design also incorporates a SUDS strategy, Country Park, SANGs (Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space) and six local play areas in a bid to create attractive open space areas, deliver biodiversity enhancements and mitigate flood risk.

Persimmon Homes’ South West Managing Director, Daniel Heathcote, said: “We’re delighted to have secured outline planning permission for our scheme at Cranbrook Cobdens.

“The development will provide a wide range of high-quality new homes designed for local people, especially young families and first-time buyers, who otherwise might struggle to get onto the housing ladder in Devon.

“Throughout the planning process for Cranbrook Cobdens, we have worked closely with officers and stakeholders at East Devon District Council to ensure that our homes are in keeping with – and enhance – the local area and its surroundings.

“The scheme will deliver substantial community benefit including over 400 new jobs, a range of new facilities including a new primary school, local centre, allotments, place of worship, cemetery and enhanced green space for leisure and recreation.

“Persimmon has an established record of delivery in Cranbrook and we are excited about this latest scheme as we continue to build the best value homes in sustainable and inclusive communities.”