Spot the Minister canvassing with Simon Jupp and Phil Skinner

According to a report in The Times, the prime minister and Greg Hands, the Conservative Party chairman, have challenged ministers to complete at least three days of campaigning in key areas. A league table has been set up and at cabinet last week Sunak congratulated Lucy Frazer, the culture secretary, for being in pole position.

The obvious choice for East Devon, until a week ago, would have been Simon’s one-time political boss and mentor: Dominic Raab. 

Think of the headlines: “Deputy Prime Minster canvassing in Devon”.

Unfortunately, Dominic is now just the latest “has been” in a long list of resignations.

Over the border in Mid Devon Neil Parish has shown no inhibition in “putting himself about”, sprinkling a little bit of “star dust” in support of some hapless “independent” candidate.

Although never a minister, Neil has a name recognition score way ahead of most of them.

These days, that is all that really matters

If anyone spots a minister, please let Owl know.

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