“Fizzy Lizzy” counts the cost (but not for crashing the economy)

Incurred whilst launching her bid for No 10. 

(The rest of us are picking up the bill for her crashing the economy.) – Owl

Truss ‘hit by £12,000 bill’ for Chevening ‘parties’ including ‘lost’ bathrobes

Sophie Huskisson www.mirror.co.uk (Extract)

Liz Truss, who became the shortest PM in history after crashing the economy – used Chevening “as a mini No 10″

Liz Truss has been hit by a bill of more than £12,000, which included items like bathrobes and slippers that went missing from her grace-and-favour country home.

The disgraced ex-Prime Minister has reportedly been ordered to reimburse the Cabinet Office after the items disappeared following “summer parties” she held at Chevening estate.

Ms Truss also needs to cough up the money for food and wine she and her aides tucked into as the meetings were political rather than state business, sources told the Mail on Sunday.

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