District council elections: your candidates for Exmouth and Budleigh

East Devon goes to the polls, along with the rest of the country, on Thursday, May 4, with all the seats on the district council up for grabs. Here are the candidates standing for election in the Exmouth and Budleigh Salterton area, with the details they have supplied to us. 

Philippa Davies www.exmouthjournal.co.uk

Budleigh & Raleigh (three seats)

Conservative: Patsy Hayman

“A local woman who was raised at Stowford Farm, Colaton Raleigh and attended Drakes School. Past Vice Chair of East Budleigh Parish Council. Patsy believes that if she became a Councillor for East Devon District Council she would have greater influence to preserve the local environment, promote education, health and wellbeing and provide support for local businesses.”

Conservative: Henry Riddell

“A local man who grew up in Budleigh Salterton, attended Bicton College studying rural and farming issues and now manages popular South Farm produce shop. A keen sportsman and wishes to become a District Councillor so he can promote strongly affordable housing for young people as we as supporting local businesses, farming and the environment.”

Conservative: David Walsh

“Since moving to Devon 23 years ago, David has involved himself in local politics.  Previously a Project Manager for the NHS, and a salesman for an international tool company, he is now Chairman of Friends of Budleigh Library and sits on the committees of Budleigh Garden Club and Cancer Research Budleigh Salterton. Education, Environment, Transport & Local Business are areas which David is keen to address.”

Independent: Charlotte Fitzgerald

“Budleigh & Raleigh is home to a welcoming community and a thriving high street. To sustain it, more working families need to put down roots, but this faces challenges, including affordability of first homes; safe access for pedestrians and cyclists; and reliable bus services. My grandparents benefited from excellent health and care in East Devon throughout their lives. Now, both services are facing crippling cuts. We need to protect EDDC’s crucial preventative services. I will put greater pressure on South West Water to completely overhaul failing local wastewater systems, which are currently spilling sewage into the Otter and the sea.”

Independent: Melanie Martin

“I have lived in Otterton for over six years and it has been a privilege to serve as a Parish Councillor working on various community projects. To stand as an Independent for the Budleigh & Raleigh Ward is a great responsibility. My priorities are my community’s issues and these vary depending on who you talk to – the shortage of social housing and housing for low income earners, the increase in second home ownership, the rising cost of living putting pressure on families, speed limits, development encroaching on green spaces, threatening wildlife, businesses struggling in the winter. If elected, I will work hard to resolve these issues.”

Liberal Democrats: Catriona Cunningham

“I have lived in East Devon (both Colaton Raleigh and Budleigh Salterton) for 22 years, raising my children in this beautiful part of the country. It is crucial the East Devon countryside and coastline is safeguarded and maintained for our children, families and future generations, our environment is so important.

I am proud to have worked in the NHS for almost 40 years. During a tough three years our local NHS staff have done an amazing job, despite all the challenges. I believe passionately in good local services for local communities.

I have experience of working  collaboratively across public and voluntary  organisations.  If elected to EDDC I would bring those skills to the table.”

Liberal Democrats: Jed Falby

“Previously I served as an Independent at EDDC which was a lonely stance. Now a little older and a little wiser I ask for your vote as a Liberal Democrat. I shall be working with colleagues with similar views and values, especially on environmental issues, and to achieve a more democratic, stronger voice for all of our local needs.

I still work in TV as an Art Director but am also a Devon woodsman producing building quality timber. I think Brexit has proved to be our worst decision in a long time and  I hope  to help our farmers, fishermen and forestry workers access to the next-door markets in Europe which would bring in investment right here in East Devon.”

Liberal Democrats: Penny Lewis

“I have lived in the town for over 30 years, where I brought up my children. Now retired, I previously worked in the NHS, locally and nationally. Clinically I worked with both children and older people. Later in my career I specialised in leadership and organisational development. I also taught in higher education. I am committed to fair and transparent decisions which take into account the unintended consequences we too often see ignored.

I am a Green Liberal Democrat and I also worked locally to support the community’s response to the pandemic.

I would like to encourage more engagement with the community and people of all ages in Budleigh and the surrounding villages.”

Exmouth Brixington (three seats)

Conservative: Fred Caygill

“Councillor Fred Caygill has deep roots in the community. Born in November 1959 at his late grandmother’s house in Broad Park Road in the Brixington Ward. He grew up on the Marpool Council Estate in Withycombe. Councillor Fred Caygill is married to his wife Lynne, both were active for many years in local Youth and Adult sports. 

Fred served Her Majesty’s British Army for eight years 1982-1990. Upon leaving the British Army, he engaged in various occupations and he also volunteered as a Coastguard Rescue Officer with the Exmouth Coastguard Team, a role in which he rescued many dogs and owners off the cliffs of East Devon. 

He has recently become a Carers Ambassador for Devon Carers and an Ambassador for Dementia UK.  

He continues to strive to do his best for all constituents of Exmouth and will continue to do so should he be re-elected in May 2023.” 

Conservative: Maddy Chapman

“Madeleine Chapman ‘Maddy‘. Retired from health care, widow, mother, three grandsons.   I have been a councillor in Brixington for nearly  sixteen years, I have been deputy mayor, and the honour of being Exmouth town mayor. I serve on licensing, scrutiny, Lag; police, town maintenance and Exmouth town HR committees, I am also a director for Sideshore on your behalf. I work with our residents and residents groups on local and private problems and concerns, and put concerns and objections to both the town council and district council.  The past few years have been hard for all of us, and I would like to say how great Brixington church has been. and continue to be for our community, helping those who need us the most. I ask for your continued support to help all our residents and our town of Exmouth.”

Conservative: Cherry Nicholas

“Cherry is passionate about delivering opportunities for Exmouth residents of all ages and was an integral part of ensuring the play area of Brixington Park was renovated a few years ago. Cherry will make sure that this work is completed so that there is a proper hard surface sports area, better drainage, and a dedicated walking path all the way round.
With regards to the wider development of Exmouth – Cherry believes in building new houses so younger people can raise their families and thrive, but to do this she will hold developers to account to ensure they pay for much needed infrastructure, such as play areas, schools and health.

A committed Exmouth Festival committee member and volunteer,  She is determined, if re-elected, that Exmouth Town Council continues to invest at a very local level, so that opportunities for small groups, roads and neighbourhoods get the support they need to achieve their ambitions for the area they live in.”

Green: Malcolm Marrett

“I retired to Exmouth in 2008, after a career as a registered nurse in the NHS. I love living in Exmouth and enjoy the wonderful countryside and coastline of East Devon.
If you vote for me, I will advocate on your behalf to protect and sustain what we have. I am particularly keen to see EDDC challenge South West Water over their repeated pollution of our shoreline. I would like to help reclaim the pavements for pedestrians by making the roads safer for cyclists with the use of properly marked cycle lanes and sensible speed limits for vehicles. I am a great advocate for nonpolluting forms of transport, for instance cycle rickshaws, common in many cities around Europe, which would enhance the attractiveness of Exmouth town and seafront.”

Independent: Aurora Bailey

“I have been a Councillor for Brixington Ward for four years. I was on the Committee for refurbishing Brixington Play Park and Skateboard at Phear Park.  I had the honour of being a Governor for Bassetts Farm School for two years. I was on the Placemaking Group and have been instrumental in saving the Dinosaur Park at Queens Drive on the seafront. I am very concerned about climate and environmental issues eg South West Water sewage.  Also I have been trying to get back some zebra crossings eg subway to Powder Monkey safety for all and those with disabilities trying to cross there.  Also over -development of Goodmores Farm. Housing and the Wellbeing of all including our children and young adults.  I am approachable, friendly, passionate and caring.  I live in Exmouth and I was born in Torquay Devon through and through. Please vote for me for East Devon so I can follow through some of the things I have started.”

Independent: Ian Kirvan

“I am a resident of Brixington and for the last four years have represented it on Exmouth Town Council. During this period I have chaired the Town Maintenance Working Group which is responsible for flower beds and towers, grass cutting and general maintenance.

I care about our unique environment and I oppose any further large-scale developments without any sustained investment in our public infrastructure which we all rely on.  We must encourage our young people to remain in the town with appropriate housing and support local businesses to grow.

I am a supporter of local community sport and the benefits it brings to all.

If elected I will represent you with respect, openness and listen to our community.”

Liberal Democrats: Andrew Colman 

“Andrew has lived in Brixington with his wife for 20 years and works as a climate scientist in Exeter. His specialisms include encouraging local communities in Africa to maximise water resources against increasing drought. As a Liberal Democrat, he believes in local decision-making, with a strong voice for towns like Exmouth. He has been privileged to represent Brixington on both District and Town Councils since 2019. A founder member of the Democratic Alliance, the non-Conservative alternative administration, he believes in working together with other parties and groups. He would be honoured to represent Brixington again, if re-elected.”

Labour: Jamie Wickenden

“I live in Brixington, I went to school here and it’s where I’m raising my family.  I’m not the typical person who would run to be on the council, but I cannot sit back and watch this town continue to decline through poor decisions.  Exmouth needs to be a vibrant town – it has so much going for it.  My aim is to ensure Exmouth thrives.”

Exmouth Halsdon (three seats)

Conservative: Richard Parr

“I’m a local farmer.  I have lived in Devon all my life. I left comprehensive school at 16 and went on to do an apprenticeship for five years. I started in business at 26 for myself in agriculture support business for 15 years at which point I went back to my roots of farming.

We moved to Woodbury 16 years ago, where we brought up our four children.

I joined the local parish council three years ago and find my involvement very rewarding, by means of giving something back to the local community where I think a difference can be made.”

Conservative: Pauline Stott

“I have lived in Halsdon Ward for over 40 years and have seen many changes in the ward. I live in a road that suffers from being a ‘rat run’.

Before I retired I worked for 33 years out in the community as a care assistant for Social Services.

I was a founder member of Exmouth Archers.

During the last four years I have been raising funds for Beach Wheelchairs for the disabled. We now have a storage unit and have eight sponsored wheelchairs.

While on East Devon, I chaired the very successful housing Review board looking after the tenants and listening to their views and we were successful in trying to increase the housing stock. We have to find a way to help more people with social housing this will be my main priority if I am elected.”

Liberal Democrats: Tim Dumper

“Tim grew up in Exmouth, before pursuing a career in training and personnel work. Returning in 2004, he lives in the town and has served as a Governor of Exeter Road School. A Town Councillor for twelve years, he was also elected to the District Council for a spell. Tim works to improve transport and employment, and for urgent action on climate change. A former Parliamentary candidate for East Devon, he is married to Glynis and has a grown-up family. He would be honoured to represent Halsdon on both District and Town Councils in future.”

Liberal Democrats: Andrew Toye

“Andrew has lived in Exmouth for over forty years and has previously served on East Devon District council. He is currently an Exmouth Town Councillor for Halsdon, where he is involved in climate change issues, serving on the Council’s Climate and Ecological Emergency working party. He is also a trustee of Citizens Advice East Devon. He wants more genuinely affordable and social housing, including for rent, but built to a high environmental standard and located in ways that complement the character of the area. He would consider it a privilege to serve Halsdon on both Town and District Councils.”

Labour and Co-operative: Daniel Wilson

“Councils should be active and dynamic in their pursuit of making our communities the best they can be.  I have the drive, ambition and imagination that our councils need to better represent us.  You have three votes in this ward, I would be delighted if you could give me one of them, so I can represent us, with positivity, hope and determination.”

Exmouth Littleham (three seats)

Conservative: Brian Bailey

“I’m married to  Aurora, we have three children and seven grandchildren, we have lived in East Devon for many years living in Budleigh Salterton whereI served on the Town Council for 18 years, being the Mayor in 2003.

We moved to Exmouth in  2011. Having been elected to Exmouth Town Council and East Devon Council  in 2015, l served as community  safety  representative as well as an active member for planning committee. I was Deputy Mayor for Exmouth Town Council serving on the Neighbourhood Plan. For two years I campaigned for a relief road from Salterton Road to Devon Cliffs bypassing Littleham Village. Have been an active campaigner against South West Water regarding the many unauthorised  leaks of  raw sewage on the Mear Park on the seafront. I will campaign for the right houses in the right place and improve the way houses are maintained by the Council which is currently unacceptable. I will always listen to you and deliver your priorities.”

Conservative: Oliver Kerr

“Oliver is a young professional living in Exmouth who has a passion for our coast and countryside. With his background as a marine biologist and living and working here on the Devon coast, Oliver believes coastal towns like Exmouth need an experienced pragmatic environmental voice to protect support and strengthen our communities. 

He also wants to see the town centre and sea thrive, with local businesses that feel listen to and respected. He knows the natural environment brings a wealth of benefits to our town and will work hard to protect our green spaces and coastline. 

Oliver will listen to residents and deliver for you your priorities.  Oliver knowns Exmouth and East Devon  can be one of the best places to live and work in the country and will stand up for Exmouth to make sure our town gets the attention it rightly deserves.”

Green Party: Mike Rosser

“Exmouth has been a good place for my children to grow up. I hope it will be a safe and good place for my granddaughter to grow up in. I am concerned about further large scale housing development in the town, which is linked to probably the most congested road in East Devon. I will listen to and present the views of ward members. I will work in partnership with others, regardless of political persuasion, if it helps to address climate change, is beneficial to the environment and to those living in Exmouth.”

Liberal Democrats: Anne Hall

“Anne grew up in Exmouth , being educated at Littleham Junior school and Exmouth Comprehensive.

Leaving school at 16, Anne chose a career in horticulture, working at a local garden centre for six years before taking up a buying position with a garden centre chain in Dorset. Active in her local community, Anne spent nearly eight years as a Town Councillor, latterly becoming Mayor of Sherborne.

Anne, the mother of two grown-up children, recently moved back to Exmouth with her husband. She loves being part of a familiar community and would be proud to represent Littleham in future.”

Liberal Democrats: Nick Hookway

“Nick was elected to represent Littleham in 2019. In 2020, he supported moves between the opposition groups to create an alternative governing administration to the Conservatives. The Democratic Alliance was born and Nick joined the Cabinet. At the same time, he has always spoken up for Exmouth and for Littleham.

Nick was born and raised in Exmouth, and educated at Exeter School. He became a Secondary School teacher, firstly in Liverpool then in Plymouth and concluding his career running an IT department. After retirement in 2015, he returned to Exmouth with his late wife, Pauline. He has two grandchildren.”

Liberal Democrats: David Poor

“Married with two sons, David lives in Exmouth. After retiring, he has volunteered for the Citizens Advice Bureau and is a trustee of a London-based charity. Previously a Councillor for 12 years elsewhere, he has been a council cabinet member for housing and a local Liberal Democrat housing spokesman. He was first elected to Exmouth Town Council in 2019 and takes a keen interest in many aspects of Littleham life, from planning development to supporting Littleham’s Community Fridge. He thinks Exmouth is fortunate to have good independent shops but believes that towns need special help to flourish.”

Exmouth Town (three seats)

Conservative: Dominic Nancekievill – no details supplied

Conservative: Sylvia Wills – no details supplied

Green Party: Olly Davey

“I have lived and worked in Exmouth for 40 years. During that time, I have been a college technician, primary school teacher, guitar teacher and a schools music organiser. I am well known as a local musician, playing in bands and sessions. As an allotment holder, I am passionate about organic and sustainable methods of food production. I believe that we should be promoting renewable energy resources to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, encouraging local businesses rather than large chain stores, supporting alternatives to car use, and making roads safer for all users. I want to see cleaner air and unpolluted rivers and seas.”

Independent: Joe Whibley

“I have been proud to serve as one of your district councillors for the last four years and would love to carry on. I’ve worked in education and social care for over 20 years where I’ve developed a love of listening to people, and helping them. I’ve kept you informed where others have not on issues such as residents’ parking and issues on The Strand, and have stood up for the residents of Exmouth when voting and representing them in council matters. Outside of council work, I’m a musician and am incredibly proud to be part of the local music scene. 

Liberal Democrats: Eileen Wragg

“Eileen has been Councillor in Exmouth for many years and has served as the Town’s Mayor. Educated at Exmouth Grammar School, she graduated from the University of Plymouth in 1995.

Eileen has campaigned against high water charges imposed by South West Water. More recently, she has protested against the discharge of raw sewage on Exmouth beach. She was created an Honorary Alderman of Devon in 2017.

She shares the difficulties people face, having had to raise two young children alone on a limited budget. Eileen has helped numerous people with housing problems and planning issues.”

Exmouth Withycombe Raleigh (two seats)

Conservative: Josh Donald – no details supplied

Conservative: Brian Richards-  no details supplied

Liberal Democrats: Matt Hall

“Matt loves living in Exmouth, a town he has come to know through his wife, Anne, who was brought up in Littleham. Matt has over twelve years’ experience of local government, having served as a Councillor at various levels in Dorset. He currently works as a town planner in Exeter after retraining at the University of the West of England in Bristol. Matt wants to use his knowledge and experience of local government to help the town he calls home and to make sure the voices of the residents of Withycombe Raleigh are heard in the District and Town Councils.”

Liberal Democrats: Steve Gazzard

“Steve is currently Mayor of Exmouth, representing Withycombe Raleigh on East Devon and Exmouth Town Councils. Exmouth-born, he was educated at Marpool Primary and at what is now the Community College. After school, he took an apprenticeship with the Exmouth Journal, qualifying as a compositor. He later became a Devon ambulanceman for twenty years before failing eyesight ended his career. After the death of his daughter, Sarah Wright, from a chronic lung condition while awaiting an organ transplant, Steve has campaigned ceaselessly to increase the number of registered donors and to change the law.

Labour: Andrew Woodward

“I moved to Exmouth 15 years ago and have been welcomed with open arms by the people of this town.  I love this place and feel very privileged to live in such a naturally beautiful part of the country and live and work amongst such good people.  I now want to put something back into this community and serve my fellow Exmouthians to the best of my ability.” 

Woodbury & Lympstone (two seats)

Conservative: Ben Ingham

“I was born in East Devon and live in Lympstone with my partner, Sarah. I have been a member of East Devon District Council for the last twenty-eight years. During this time I have done my best to protect the interests of our four village communities within the parishes of Woodbury and Lympstone. 

I appreciate each village is slightly different with its own needs and aspirations. I want to continue making sure your voice is heard and acted on. This particularly includes fighting unwanted development within our parishes, plus controlling the wasteful projects not supported by you; the council tax payer. 

 As a councillor, I have always challenged the uncontrolled excesses of the council, whoever has been in power. I believe it is essential to protect our unique environment, especially our rivers and beautiful countryside. Everything we do must consider the effect it may have on climate change and our environment. Despite this I still see bright opportunities for East Devon, but we must work hard to make them happen, ensuring we provide and protect for future generations as well as ourselves.” 

Conservative: Cheryl McGauley

“Cheryl is standing for the East Devon District Council Elections as she would like to make a difference for all local people and for their voices to be heard. Cheryl would like to improve the need for housing for young people, whilst ensuring there is the developmental infrastructure for the community. Cheryl is very passionate about the environment and how we protect it and she wants to ensure that everyone is being mindful of this and hold to account the companies damaging it such as South West Water with our seas being polluted. We are in hard times as a whole with the cost-of-living crisis being at an all time high. Cheryl would like to work with food banks in order to provide families with the support they need.” 

Green: Alexis Taylor

“A long-time Devon resident with a background in health and social care, I am trying to lighten my footprint on the earth and, more importantly, want to leave a better world for the generations to come.

As a Green councillor I will:

  • Seek to enrich the quality of life for children and adults
  • Be guided in all my actions by the need to mitigate the impact of climate chalnge and to protect land, seas and rivers in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Fight for housing to be built in the right place and to be affordable for all. A new town may be a better solution than stressing the infrastructure of villages
  • Co-operate across parties, bringing an additional Green voice to the Democratic Alliance Group which has enriched local government in East Devon in tackling the many issues that are devolved to local government”

Liberal Democrats: Geoff Jung

“I have been a District Councillor for eight years and a Cabinet member for the last four years, leading the council`s initiatives on environmental, flood and coastal protection, biodiversity, and woodland creation.

Amongst my other responsibilities I am Chair of EDDC/Suez Recycling and Waste Management Committee, Board member of the Pebblebed Heaths National Nature Reserve, and lead Councillor for the Clyst Valley Regional Park.

I am now seeking re-election to continue the challenge of climate change and biodiversity net gain strategies that the Council has recently initiated which will protect and enhance our beautiful countryside for future generations.”  

Labour: Amanda Ford

“I live and work locally.  Having spent 30 years working in the NHS as a nurse, midwife and health visitor I am uniquely aware of how important it is that our local council functions well to provide the essential services to ensure the wellbeing of our communities.  East Devon District Council needs change.” 

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