Labour still in control of Exeter

Jake Bonetta (Labour) who switched from defending his seat on East Devon, fails to oust Tories in St Loye’s

Labour is still the dominant force on Exeter City Council but experienced a mixed night in the local elections.

Ollie Heptinstall, local democracy reporter

For the second year running, it gained a second seat in the former Tory stronghold of Topsham, but lost a seat in St Thomas to former Lib Dem council leader Adrian Fullam.

Meanwhile, in the only other seat to change hands, the Greens won in Newtown and St Leonard’s, which had previously been occupied by an Independent who didn’t seek re-election.

Only a third of the 39-seat council was up for election – in line with the usual cycle.

Labour still holds 25 seats, the same as before the election, although its tally is one down on the 2022 election result due to one of its councillors then becoming an independent.

The Greens are up one to six councillors – now the largest outright opposition party on the council – but they are expected to continue working with the Liberal Democrats as part of the ‘Progressive Group’.

Meanwhile, it was another poor night in Exeter for the Conservatives, who now have just four councillors after losing another in Topsham. However, the party successfully fought off a strong Labour challenge to retain St Loye’s.

And after gaining a seat in St Thomas and defending their existing one in Duryard & St James, the Liberal Democrats now have three councillors.



Yvonne Atkinson (Labour): 1,187 – HOLD

John Bowman (Green): 306
Jamie Horner (Liberal Democrat): 150
Katherine New (Conservatives): 653


David Blagden (Labour): 791

Simon Egan (Green): 278
Harry Johnson-Hill (Conservatives): 213
Michael Mitchell (Liberal Democrat): 938 – HOLD


Joanne Giencke (Liberal Democrats): 117
Kayleigh Luscombe (Conservatives): 333
Susannah Patrick (Labour): 1,145 – HOLD
Frankie Rufolo (Independent): 263
Mark Shorto (Green): 268


Carol Bennett (Green): 1,308 – HOLD
Alfie Carlisle (Conservatives): 278
Lucy Haigh (Independent): 301
Gemma Rolstone (Labour): 1,020
Rod Ruffle (Liberal Democrat): 100


David Luscombe (Conservatives): 352
Mike Payne (Liberal Democrat): 184
Alex Stephan (Green): 198
Ruth Williams (Labour): 1,191 – HOLD


Julian Gallie (Conservaties): 213
Andy Ketchin (Green): 1,373 – GAIN FROM IND
Vanessa Newcombe (Liberal Democrat): 104
Carol Whitton (Labour): 1,035


Will Aczel (Liberal Democrats): 199
Robert Sheridan (Conservatives): 423
Martyn Snow (Labour): 1,194 – HOLD
Lizzie Woodman (Green): 882


Rory Jack Clark (Liberal Democrat): 183
Ann Barbara Keen (Green): 227
Cynthia Thompson (Conservatives): 778
Mollie Miller (Labour): 1,251 – HOLD


Jane Begley (Labour): 1,062 – HOLD
Ben Hawkes (Conservatives): 469
Joel Stobart (Green): 278
Philip Thomas (Liberal Democrat): 237


George Baker (Conservatives): 230
Diana Moore (Green): 1,322 – HOLD
Andrew Soper (Liberal Democrats): 85
Ellen Miriam Stuart (Labour): 752


Jake Bonetta (Labour): 980
Phil Brock (Liberal Democrat): 164
Alison Sheridan (Conservatives): 1,127 – HOLD
Jack Vickers (Green): 189


Ashley Carr (Conservatives): 167
Deborah Darling (Labour): 1,109
Adrian Fullam (Liberal Democrats): 1,217 – GAIN FROM LAB
Natasha Jane Hannaford (Reform UK): 57
Johanna Korndorfer (Green): 210


Christine Campion (Liberal Democrat): 230
Jonathan Mills (Green): 259
Rob Newby (Conservatives): 1,098
Matthew Williams (Labour): 1,394 – GAIN FROM CON

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