Jacob Rees-Mogg’s ‘eye-watering’ hourly rate for GB News work revealed

Is that £84,000 salary not enough? Details made public this week have revealed just how much money Jacob Rees-Mogg has made from presenting shows on GB News – and the bank-busting figure is causing outrage online.

Tom Head www.thelondoneconomic.com

How much money does Jacob Rees-Mogg make from GB News?

According to the financial documents, the MP for North Somerset is currently raking in £32,083 PER MONTH from the fledgling broadcaster. That makes his hourly rate a rather healthy £802, and puts him on course for extra annual earnings of roughly £385,000.

Rees-Mogg is a senior stalwart of the Conservative Party, and he’s become a divisive figure in British politics. Critics have accused him of ‘being out of touch with the public’, over comments he has made about dealing with the cost of living crisis.

Who’s paying Jacob Rees-Mogg £800 an hour?

Given that most of us can’t just stroll onto the set of GB News and spout whatever we like, his methods of building-up the bank balance certainly differ from ours. The channel itself is largely funded by a Dubai-based investment firm.

Local Elections 2023: Critics revel in Tory turmoil

With Mr. Rees-Mogg currently projected to lose his seat as an MP at next year’s General Election, perhaps it is rather astute of him to already have a Plan B in place. In fact, if his local council results are anything to go by this week, a career change could occur sooner rather than later.

The constituents of North Somerset and Bath shunned the Tories, who failed to make any significant gains in a stronghold territory. They retained 13 councillors out of a possible 50, with Labour and the Greens substantially increasing their number of local representatives.

Carol Vorderman has essentially done a ‘Reverse Rees-Mogg’ over the past few years, and the TV presenter-turned-political-activist was overjoyed with these results. She says that the Conservatives have been the architects of their own downfall.

“Looks like Jacob Rees Mogg won’t be around after the next General Election. The Nasty Conservative Party vote has TANKED. This is because they try to put us down by bullying, mocking, and stealing. Think again.” | Carol Vorderman

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