Richard Foord MP writes to Rebecca Pow for government help after flooding

DEVON MP Richard Foord has written to the Enviornment Minister Rebecca Pow calling on the government to do more to help flood-hit families in East Devon.

Adam Manning

In his letter to Rebecca Pow MP, who is responsible for overseeing the Government’s response to flooding, Mr Foord has urged the Government to outline what additional support is being given to Devon County Council to help with the clean-up and repair work. 

He also called for clarity from the Government over what the protocol is for support being allocated to local authorities and communities in response to environmental events like flooding. 

Thunderstorms and heavy rainfall was particularly heavy along the banks of the River Otter in and around Newton Poppleford which caused roads closures and houses being flooded out.

The most affected parts of East Devon was in Tipton St John, whose school is currently partially closed after flood damage. Houses in Newton Poppleford, East Budleigh and Otterton were also flooded.

Lib Dem MP Richard Foord has recently spoken to community activists and a local district councillor, with many voicing concerns about the absence of support offered to help the community recover from the damage once the initial emergency response had been scrambled. 

Richard Foord MP said: “The impact of recent flooding along the River Otter has been damaging and disruptive, particularly for those living in villages like Newton Poppleford. 

“The work of both emergency service workers and the local community has been inspiring. Their swift response has seen us at our best and helped minimise the impact of the flooding. 

“However, now the focus turns to the clean-up operation and arduous task of repairing the damage caused by water, mud, and silt. 

“We must ensure that this work is properly supported, both by Devon County Council and the Conservative Government, both in the immediate aftermath – but also in the medium-term too. 

“That’s why I’ve urged the Flooding Minister to clarify what additional support Devon County Council will be getting from central Government to enable this work in relation to public spaces, and how communities affected by flooding in a future will be supported too.” 

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