Martin Shaw – My column in the local press has been cancelled

Where are the local media heading?

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My fortnightly column in the Midweek Herald, Sidmouth Herald and Exmouth Journal has been discontinued. The editors have told me that they have too many political columns – but regular contributions by three Conservative politicians, Simon Jupp MP, Cllr John Hart and police commissioner Alison Hernandez, will continue, while on the other side only Cllr Paul Arnott and occasionally Richard Foord MP remain.

I’m not complaining, but it seems to me that with a General Election approaching where the East Devon seats will be more closely fought than they have been for a generation, the press should be scrupulously maintaining political balance.

I’d like to thank all the readers who’ve given me such positive feedback over the last three years – it’s made it all worthwhile. My apologies to those who thought I wasn’t outspoken enough, and to the gentleman who told me last year that I was too anti-Tory – perhaps now you understand why!

One thought on “Martin Shaw – My column in the local press has been cancelled

  1. Some of us have been suspicious about this media group for some time. This rather confirms it in my view. The idea of PR terrified Tories as will be route to minority party for them.


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