Political groupings within the new East Devon District Council

The Democratic Alliance Mk 2.

Council members may give notice that they wish to be considered as part of a political grouping for the purpose, amongst other things, of assigning seats to committees so as to achieve political balance. 

The formal political groupings amongst members of the new East Devon District Council are listed below

Owl notes that our Labour councillors follow national guidance and stand aloof.

Democratic Alliance Group (29)
Councillor Paul Arnott
Coly Valley Liberal Democrat Leader of the Council
Councillor Christopher Burhop
Newton Poppleford and Harpford Independent
Councillor Sarah Chamberlain
Broadclyst Liberal Democrats
Councillor Olly Davey
Exmouth Town Green Party Portfolio Holder Strategic Planning
Councillor Tim Dumper
Exmouth Halsdon Liberal Democrats
Councillor Paula Fernley
Broadclyst Green Party
Councillor Charlotte Fitzgerald
Budleigh and Raleigh Independent
Councillor Steve Gazzard
Exmouth Withycombe Raleigh Liberal Democrats
Councillor Anne Hall
Exmouth Littleham Liberal Democrats
Councillor Matt Hall
Exmouth Withycombe Raleigh Liberal Democrats Portfolio Holder Economy
Councillor Paul Hayward
Axminster Independent Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder Finance (Assets)
Councillor John Heath
Beer and Branscombe Independent
Councillor Nick Hookway
Exmouth Littleham Liberal Democrats Portfolio Holder Culture, Leisure, Sport and Tourism
Councillor Sarah Jackson
Axminster Independent Portfolio Holder Communications and Democracy
Councillor Richard Jefferies
Tale Vale Liberal Democrats
Councillor Geoff Jung
Woodbury and Lympstone Liberal Democrats Portfolio Holder Coast, Country and Environment
Councillor Jamie Kemp
Exe Valley Liberal Democrats
Councillor Dan Ledger
Seaton Independent Portfolio Holder Sustainable Homes & Communities
Councillor Yehudi Levine
Dunkeswell and Otterhead Liberal Democrats
Councillor John Loudoun
Sidmouth Rural Independent Portfolio Holder Council and Corporate Co-ordination
Councillor Duncan Mackinder
Yarty Liberal Democrats
Councillor Todd Olive
Whimple and Rockbeare Liberal Democrats
Councillor Marianne Rixson
Sidmouth Sidford Liberal Democrats Portfolio Holder Climate Action & Emergency Response
Councillor Eleanor Rylance
Broadclyst Liberal Democrats Chair of the Council
Councillor Simon Smith
Axminster Independent
Councillor Andrew Toye
Exmouth Halsdon Liberal Democrats
Councillor Susan Westerman
Trinity Liberal Democrats
Councillor Joe Whibley
Exmouth Town Independent
Councillor Eileen Wragg
Exmouth Town Liberal Democrats

Conservative (17)
Councillor Brian Bailey
Exmouth Littleham Conservative
Councillor Colin Brown
Dunkeswell and Otterhead Conservative
Councillor Jenny Brown
Honiton St. Michael’s Conservative
Councillor Alasdair Bruce
Feniton Conservative
Councillor Fred Caygill
Exmouth Brixington Conservative
Councillor Maddy Chapman
Exmouth Brixington Conservative
Councillor Iain Chubb
Newbridges Conservative
Councillor Mike Goodman
Sidmouth Sidford Conservative
Councillor Derek Haggerty
Seaton Conservative
Councillor Marcus Hartnell
Seaton Conservative
Councillor Stuart Hughes
Sidmouth Sidford Conservative
Councillor Ben Ingham
Woodbury and Lympstone Conservative
Councillor Cherry Nicholas
Exmouth Brixington Conservative
Councillor John O’Leary
Honiton St. Paul’s Conservative
Councillor Helen Parr
Coly Valley Conservative
Councillor Sophie Richards
Sidmouth Town Conservative
Councillor Henry Riddell
Budleigh and Raleigh Conservative

Independent Group (9)
Councillor Jess Bailey
West Hill and Aylesbeare Independent
Councillor Ian Barlow
Sidmouth Town Independent
Councillor Kevin Blakey
Cranbrook Independent
Councillor Kim Bloxham
Cranbrook Independent
Councillor Sam Hawkins
Cranbrook Independent Vice Chair of the Council
Councillor Mike Howe
Clyst Valley Independent
Councillor Vicky Johns
Ottery St Mary Independent
Councillor Melanie Martin
Budleigh and Raleigh Independent
Councillor Tony McCollum
Honiton St. Paul’s Independent

Labour (3)
Councillor Violet Bonetta
Honiton St. Michael’s Labour
Councillor Bethany Collins
Ottery St Mary Labour
Councillor Daniel Wilson
Exmouth Halsdon Labour

Independent Councillor Group (2)
Councillor Roy Collins
Honiton St. Michael’s Liberal Party
Councillor Peter Faithfull
Ottery St Mary Independent

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