Who suggested a 26% payrise for our LEP’s CEO and who pays for it?

We know it wasn’t Devon County Council- they are quoted as saying they will object. It doesn’t seem it is Somerset County Council as DCC mentions that it believes they will also object.

So, we have a very strange situation where the CEO’s of the two counties involved seem to have no power over the people who are supposed to work on behalf of the two counties.

If enough other board members (including our own Paul Diviani) agree, presumably the increase will go ahead.

Remember, this money will not come out of their own budgets but from us, the taxpayers – and we have NEVER been asked if we agree to this.

Our NHS – being crushed to speed up privatisation

The deadline for comments on proposals to halve the remainder of community hospital beds in Eastern Devon is


Please respond.

The email address is: d-ccg.YourFutureCare@nhs.net

Where to start?


Nuffield Trust reported on Today programme – their spokesman reported on Today there had been a 25% cut in social care funding. Also that there had been significant pressure in some parts of the country, including the West of England.

Bed pressures:

Now blocked beds in mental health care:

Urges to stop this being a party political punchbag:

And yet it still is:

And, to add insult to injury, see where the money goes in social care when you have privatised providers in this article (“Capital letters” – bottom of page) from Private Eye: