EDA Area Report – Seaton – October/November 2013


Sandra and Paul attended and spoke at the DMC meeting which rubber stamped Tesco’s demand that the amount of affordable housing to be provided on the massive site next to the new superstore would not be 25% (down on the 40% normal at the time of first permission) but a mighty 0%.

The DMC covered their shame with a resolution to demand overage from Tesco, and their councillors spread word of this Pyrrhic victory far and wide. Yet the Decision Notice issued by Ed Freeman to Tesco makes no mention of overage at all. At the time of writing a number of people, including town and parish councillors, have written to him to ask him to clarify. He has not replied.

Meanwhile, some spinning is going on in the local press trying to claim that the less expensive market housing in the plan for the site announced by Tesco/Bovis a fortnight ago will be “affordable”.

FYI – the published proposal which could not afford even 1% Affordable Homes is for 222 new homes (54 x 4 beds, 111 x 3 beds, 18 x 2 flats, 35 x 2 bed houses.) And a Hotel!


The Harepath Road Green Wedge scheme refusal by EDDC (following a mass attendance by campaigners at the DMC) is being appealed, and an inspector will be holding a hearing in the coming month.

But the developers have muddied the waters by submitting a slightly amended application on the same site which comes before the DMC next Tuesday. And again the Planning Officer has recommended Approval!

Campaigners will be there in force again – still reeling from the fact that last time the only councillor to abstain rather than vote against was their own Helen Parr.