Knowle relocation and “public consultation” – a blast from the past

Information Commissioner v. East Devon District Council at Exeter Magistrates Court in August 2014.

We were told that the judgment in this case (about whether EDDC should be forced to disclose reports on relocation) is due this month – we shall see.

In the meantime this “blast from the past” – what EDDC called its “stakeholder consultation” should give us all a good laugh:

Solar farms.. viewed from the AONB.

The Clinton Devon Estates’ Liverton Solar Park, was mentioned in a comment (copied below)  recently left on the East Devon Watch blog. An observer has subsequently sent in these photos of the solar farm in question (which lies just outside the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) taken from the  AONB, south of the B3178. The pictures may shed more light on the issue.


‘By coincidence, having driven past the solar farm at Liverton Farm and seen just what an impact on the ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ the solar park has, I have been looking again at the application (13/2202/MFUL) made by the agents of Clinton Devon Estates.
It takes an enormous amount of plodding through, something still in progress, but it seems clear that , let’s say ‘ much of what was claimed is open to serious challenge’. Start with looking at what the CPRE had to say about some of Clinton Devon’s agent’s claims.
Not far away is Liverton Park 2, and industrial and business park complex adjacent to Liverton Park (1). It struck me that the massive sheds on Liverton Park 2 might well have had solar panels built into their roofs if CDE were really green for greens sake- but it seems not. But you do get a view of the solar panels from LP2!
The message seems clear, you cannot take a developer’s word. Check, check and check again. Oh, and see what subsidies the development attracts and wonder if that might be what makes solar panels the preferred choice when other more appropriate schemes may be better suited.’

Hugo Swire had a train to catch so not much time for Clyst St George

So, there you are: it’s EDDC’s fault but they will put it right “very soon” and we should all be glad we have a roof over our heads and grit our teeth.

Then back on the train to his first or second home in London.