A moving plea to EDDC – don’t move!

Letter in today’s Exmouth Journal:

I live in a big old house that costs a lot to heat and maintain, and with my budget tightening, I certainly won’t plan to move.
I don’t think East Devon District Council should move either. Not to Exmouth. Not to Honiton.
To waste £700,000 of our money “just thinking about it” (Cllr Ben Ingham’s letter, January 29) while at the same time drastically cutting services seems not the wisest of moves.
We need more common sense voices like the Independent Claire Wright to urge sense and sensibility on our council.
Rather than expensive vanity projects, they should stay in their old home in Sidmouth (even expensive to heat) and concentrate on spending our money more wisely.
May I make a moving plea to our council: Don’t Move!
Budleigh Salterton.

2 thoughts on “A moving plea to EDDC – don’t move!

  1. I see that they say that apart from offices in Honiton and Exmouth they will provide ‘mobile services’to other parts. Perhaps they are thinking of something like ice cream,or fish and chip vans?!


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