“The Archers” : an everyday story of countryside developers

Letter in Guardian in response to a criticism that the long-running farming soap opera is not properly reflecting country life these days:

... “The sale of Brookfield farm to a property developer, while painful to many listeners, is in fact the reality for many rural communities. Farmers Weekly regularly contains adverts encouraging landowners to contact developers with a view to obtaining planning consent for housing on agricultural land, which greatly increases the land value if permission is granted. The editors of the programme should be congratulated for bringing this reality to the attention of Radio 4 listeners and beyond”.

Reaching the parts others won’t reach

Real Zorro (http://realzorro1.blogspot.co.uk/) gives the welcome news that Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce members have been encouraged to object to EDDC’s land grab at the Knowle. This land grab is being attempted in order to give potential developers a nicer package.

It is a pity that the majority of local Tory district councillors do not appear so far to have followed suit – not a peep out of them.

Sidmouth might be better off with Shaun the Sheep, who at least displays some feistiness and fighting spirit, rather than the sheep they voted in at the last election.

Better luck at the next election in May, Sidmothians. What you need is more Independents!


More thoughts from the public on EDDC landgrab at the Knowle are here: https://www.streetlife.com/conversation/3w1f67nozab7/

Info and how/ where/ to object, at this link: http://saveoursidmouth.com/2015/02/04/fact-file-on-knowle-plan-and-land-to-be-appropriated-reminder-deadline-for-objections-20th-feb-2015/

Local MP’s meetings on planning like London buses: none for four and three quarter years then two come along together!

Suddenly, after four and three quarter years of rarely being spotted in East Devon and never appearing to have had a single public thought about its shambolic Local Plan or the Knowle relocation fiasco and never having said anything about any of the massive developments afflicting our district, our current MP Hugo Swire starts saying Knowle relocation is a mistake (duh: Claire Wright’s being saying that for 2 years) and he arranges to talk about planning in Clyst St Mary on Thursday 19 February in the school hall (no time yet given)and in Woodbury Village Hall on Friday, 20th February from 6.30 till 8.0 p.m. So, that’s 2 meetings for Hugo, scores and scores for Claire Wright.

If you have a burning question – particularly about he just seems to have woken up some 3 months before a general election, when it is far too late for most of the towns and villages suffering massive and inappropriate developments already agreed by EDDC – now is the time to ask it.