Alan B’stard and the NHS

A fleeting reference to the Late Rick Mayall’s political comedy “The New Statesman” where he played a depraved and corrupt MP, reminded us of one of his best jokes – better than Hugo Swire’s joke about flogging Greece for £5,000 at the £15,000 per head Tory fundraising dinner last week.

Alan B’Stard:

We hear an awful lot of leftie whingeing about NHS waiting lists. Well the answer’s simple. Shut down the health service. Result? No more waiting lists. You see, in the good old days, you were poor, you got ill and you died. And yet these days people seem to think they’ve got some sort of God-given right to be cured. And what is the result of this sloppy socialist thinking? More poor people. In contrast, my policies would eradicate poor people, thereby eliminating poverty. And they say that we Conservatives have no heart.