Those missing 6,000 voters – still some missing and the implications for development!



Voter Registration Exeter Style

Recall that before 2013, EDDC’s voters had stabilised at around 104,000. The latest Freedom of Information request has gleaned the information that current registration stands at 102,843.

This means that, if few more registrations are gathered before the General Election, EDDC’s voting population has dropped by at least 1,000 people at a time when at least 800 houses are occupied at Cranbrook and many more housing developments (e.g. Wainhomes at Feniton) have been occupied.

If the secret Strategic Housing Assessment says we need more houses (including Phase 2 at Cranbrook) why then do we seem to show a net OUTWARD migration FROM East Devon rather than a net INWARD migration – the latter being used as the reason for building more and more houses?

Could it be that for every 100 new people arriving in East Devon 102 are leaving and that we should be building fewer houses not more? And that we need to STOP building as we have more houses than people?

Of course, we don’t have enough affordable housing of any kind but maybe, just maybe, we now have a surplus of non-affordable housing!

The excuse that this is happening everywhere won’t wash: it isn’t.