EDDC making a complete U-turn on housing figures before elections?

First they had to be concealed until after the election because they were “politically sensitive” and now news that they might be published within the next 10 days according to this blog:


What on earth is going on at the Fawlty Towers known as Knowle? How can they be ” politically sensitive” one week and not politically sensitive the next week? Is panic mode the default mode at EDDC these days with no-one knowing what is going on?

Is it a case that Mid-Devon jumped the gun on consultation – putting their new draft Local Plan out to consultation without the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)figures and saying they would be available to the public by the end of February? Mid Devon has relied on the same consultants’ reports that East Devon is relying on. How could they put a draft plan out for consultation without the figures? Surely you cannot consult on incomplete information?

So, EDDC do we get the figures AND the consultants reports behind them before the elections or after? If before, what was the justification for trying to conceal them until after?

And if we get only your figures and not the reports, why?

And how come you are “tweaking” the reports anyway if Mid Devon has already used the information?

What’s that smell?

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