Planning Inspector tells it as it is to EDDC: no ” political sensitivity” – get on with it!

EDDC tried to pull the wool over our eyes by saying that they could not deal with public consultation on the (second) draft of the Local Plan because it would be “politically sensitive” before district council elections in May 2015 and Leader Diviani sent out a long press release giving his reasons:

We reported this here:

We noted that Mid Devon was consulting on its Local Plan (albeit without important housing figures) so it was “politically sensitive” in East Devon but not in Mid Devon:

Then we heard that East Devon had done a complete about-turn and now WOULD be releasing consultants’ figures AND putting the Local Plan out to consultation after all – with a subtle mention that the Planning Inspector had forced them to change their minds:

We found EDDC’s letter of 6 February 2015 to the Planning Inspector attempting to justify their first move on file in the EDDC website:

Click to access lettertolocalplaninspector060215.pdf

But, oddly, not the letter FROM the Planning Inspector which led to the U-turn. Thanks to reader who requested this information, we now have Mr Thickett’s response to EDDC’s letter of 6 February which our reader tells us was not on their website yesterday but, after the request for a copy, IS on EDDC’s website today:

Click to access letter-no-11-to-east-devon-090215.pdf

Interestingly, the reply from Mr Thickett was dated 9 February 2015 but never made it on to the Local Plan website until today, nearly a month late.

Mr Thickett’s brusque response makes it clear that he will have no truck with “political sensitivity” and he wants this out there and sorted. He says (again) that he had anticipated re-hearing the Local Plan in October 2014 and appears less than happy with how things have turned out.

Same here, Mr Thickett, same here.

One thought on “Planning Inspector tells it as it is to EDDC: no ” political sensitivity” – get on with it!

  1. How in all honestly can we not be a little critical and faultfinding when those who are supposed to be working for the community can not come clean on items which appear unfavorable to the public, but are the resort of party policy.


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