Knowle: another question

How come, if a buyer for Knowle (Pegasus Life) was only recently chosen, all the paperwork is ready to sign, seal and deliver before the end of March?

No final decision had been made on 22 January 2015:

The successful bidder was announced on 4 March 2015:

and within 3 weeks all will be signed and sealed.

3 weeks to flog Knowle, 4 plus years and counting to get a Local Plan and it’s still outstanding business – no special meetings, few extra resources.

Says a lot about how these resources are prioritised and where the money goes on all those (uncounted and unaccountable) officer hours.

2 thoughts on “Knowle: another question

  1. More to the point, if I was Pegasus Life I would not want to sign to pay £7m-£8m until I was sure that I would get planning permission.

    So what reassurances have been given to Pegasus Life that they will get planning permission, particularly since the Council previously refused its own planning application for the site?


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