Where to catch up with Claire Wright in April 2015

Check, as more venues may be added:

1 April 2015 Sidmouth election public meeting 20:00
St Francis Church Hall, Woolbrook

11 April 2015 Street events – Sidmouth, Newton Poppleford and Sidbury 10:00
Come and say hello!
At Sidmouth (outside Waitrose)
At 10am Newton Poppleford (near war memorial)
At 11am Sidbury (near Red Lion

12 April 2015 Day of action on planning – Sidmouth 15:00
Knowle gardens, Sidmouth

16 April 2015 Exmouth election public meeting 19:00
Exmouth Rugby Club

17 April 2015 Hustings – Exmouth (Christians Together) 19:30
Glenorchy Church Hall

28 April 2015 Hustings – Sidmouth (Vision Group) 20:30
St Francis Church Hall, Woolbrook


More houses … more luxury bathrooms … higher prices!

Here is an article about (current) EDDC leader taking about the increase in housing numbers for the district:


and here is one Devon company’s view on this “high frowth” in the same article:

“Devon isn’t all just beautiful beaches and tourist attractions though – any potential tenants looking to move to Devon will want to see how modern and contemporary the area is. This new housing is perfectly set to frame how modern and contemporary life in Devon is. Savvy property developers will be looking to install luxury bathrooms and luxury items such as illuminated mirrors into these new houses in order to increase the asking price.”

Sunday Politics South West this morning

Soundbites from Hugo Swire
… [yes we should have a secret ballot for Speaker] – why?

“the Speaker has not been favourable to us”!

Hugo thinks the Coalition has been a success

He tried to talk about his own Constituency but the presenter pulled him up – not what they are talking about

Hugo says people should know when they vote what the outcome should be (we wish: no-one mentioned the National Planning Policy Framework and its effect in giving us a developer free-for-all!)

Loves the “Growth Point”

Ben Bradshaw: the Speaker did a good job, he challenged the Government and Bradshaw called Cameron “arrogant and incompetent”.

There was a feature on Lympstone’s Neighbourhood Plan.

Bradshaw in favour of them, local communities must decide but must have mo no absolute veto.

Presumption in favour of development: Hugo says a Local Plan SHOULD (not WILL) stop inappropriate development. Ben Bradshaw pointed out that EDDC has no Local Plan and so is building up to the Exeter boundary whether Exeter likes it or not.

The programme then re-ran Hugo’s stupid joke. “Just a money raising gag”.

Ben Bradshaw said Hugo should realise he could be recorded and his remarks reinforced the view that some MPs are out of touch, the St Ives LibDem prospective candidate agreed with him.

It is on BBC iPlayer and begins about 38 minutes into the programme.

Strange things can happen at a General Election …

Independent on the march

In East Devon the Liberal Democrats are the traditional runners up to the Tory safe seat, but with the slump in their fortunes nationally a local independent politician is making the running at the expense of the retired diplomat Stuart Mole for the LibDems. Claire Wright from West Hill is already a County and District Councillor and has a strong power base in the Ottery St Mary area, but the question is whether she can gain ground in the wider countryside during the campaign. Government Minister Hugo Swire enjoyed a majority of more than 9,000 in the last election so it would be quite a shock if Wright was to have a major impact, although strange things happen in election campaigns.