Strange things can happen at a General Election …

Independent on the march

In East Devon the Liberal Democrats are the traditional runners up to the Tory safe seat, but with the slump in their fortunes nationally a local independent politician is making the running at the expense of the retired diplomat Stuart Mole for the LibDems. Claire Wright from West Hill is already a County and District Councillor and has a strong power base in the Ottery St Mary area, but the question is whether she can gain ground in the wider countryside during the campaign. Government Minister Hugo Swire enjoyed a majority of more than 9,000 in the last election so it would be quite a shock if Wright was to have a major impact, although strange things happen in election campaigns.

One thought on “Strange things can happen at a General Election …

  1. It will not be to long before we know how much people who live in East Devon care about their environment and what is happening at a local level. Or will it be the case that what happens in places like Exmouth or Sidmouth, has little to do with such places as Feniton or Budleigh-Salterton .
    It could be the truth, that with the changes, in cuts in services, and more large development, our road system will become clogged and unless the infrastructure all over Devon is improved the whole environment will suffer.
    This is the reason why we need a new strong local voice speaking for all, at DCC and EDDC after the Election, and this should be Claire Wright who will speak up for East Devon. But we must over turn a 9000 majority, with those of you who care enough, It could just happen on the 7th of May.


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