It gets worse for Tory Chairman Grant Shapps/Michael Green!

A parliamentary candidate for the Welwyn Hatfield constituency of Tory Party CO-Chairman Grant Shapps (aka “Michael Green”) has changed his name to Michael Green to stand agaInst Shapps.  

Shapps admitted last month that he did work as a web marketer under the alias Michael Green after entering Parliament and, when challenged said that he had been “over firm” in his denial!

Here is the official list of candidates:

On his website 

“Mr Green” (rumoured to be a famous comedian) says:

“Tory chairman Grant Shapps has been pretending to be ‘Michael Green’. Well my name really is Michael Green. And I’m pretty pissed off.

So I’ve decided to embarrass him by standing against him in his own constituency. That’s right: his secret pseudonym will be joining him on the ballot paper.”