1993 – the last time the old guard was trounced!

In 1993, the electorate were fed up of “same old” and all over the area the old guard of dinosaurs were trounced:

In Cornwall the Liberal Democrats won 13 extra seats to take control by three seats. Independents, who traditionally dominated the council, lost four seats, leaving them with 21.

In the early hours of Friday the Liberal Democrats also looked as if they would take control of Devon but finished two seats short of an overall majority. The number of Conservative held seats slumped from 55 to 18, making it the third party behind Labour.

Liberal Democrats gained 29 seats and Labour did well in both Plymouth and Exeter.

The biggest surprise in Cornwall was in Liskeard, where the Honourable Robert Eliot, the county’s Masonic leader, lost his seat after representing the town for 16 years. The county’s Conservatives will now have to find a new deputy leader.


Many will remember Ted Pinney, who ran East Devon District Council Council and Chairman of Devon County Council with an iron hand whilst simultaneously running his Sidmouth construction company ……

And note Stuart Hughes was an Independent then, though originally a Monster Raving Loony and most recently a Conservative and now:


now it’s anyone’s guess – a real chameleon!

It’t time – again – for change. Vote for REAL Independents