“Is the Deputy Chief Executive fit for purpose?”, some are now asking

EDDC’s press release today (see our previous post) speaks of ‘lessons to be learned’ from the Tribunal’s scathing report, though it overlooks the fact that the criticism was “unanimous”, and not solely from the judge. There is no reference to the reportedly “discourteous” manner exhibited by EDDC , though the Council regrets  that the Tribunal found it at times “unhelpful”.

To compare this press release with the one posted earlier today from Save Our Sidmouth (which contains the the Tribunal’s devastating comments), go to these links:
and http://saveoursidmouth.com/2015/05/05/sos-press-release-on-tribunal-decision/

5 thoughts on ““Is the Deputy Chief Executive fit for purpose?”, some are now asking

  1. What will it take before these people get the message that they have lived in their ivory towers for far too long? They justified their existence by telling themselves that they were always right and their electorate always wrong. Now a judge has taken what he called the exceptional step of shaming them in public. Will they get the message? Personally, I doubt it – their ivory towers are in cloud cuckoo land. A cosy, well remunerated cloud cuckoo land. Why change that?


  2. I am intrigued by the point highlighted in his parliamentary grilling that the relevant matters were handled so differently in his other job, South Somerset. So is he a chameleon, a perfect puppet, or a split personality? He comes across in photos and often otherwise as affable, in marked contrast to the impressions routinely left by Cohen and Harrison for example. Will we ever get to the bottom of this?


    • He isn’t the ERO in South Somerset! No problems there that we know of …


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