Calm down, Hugo – Denmark has had coalition government for 35 years!

And the Danes seem quite OK with it!

You see, Denmark has not experienced single-party government in almost 35 years. During the past century we have had 29 governments – and hardly any composed of a single party. Coalitions are not only the order of the day in Denmark; they are a way of life.”


The media start reporting that the country is now living under a dictatorship. The Queen is dragged in, asked to withhold royal assent to measures that break up the Union. Next: Constitutional lawyers’ start to struggle to work out how Parliament can be dissolved. The financial markets collapse. Britain becomes ungovernable.

“Granted, this is a worst case scenario, but is it so far-fetched? In this election there is a clear choice: The competence of a strong Conservative team Or any other. Any other, risks chaos. And chaos always filters down to the regions, even to us here in East Devon. Vote Conservative on May 7th.”

“Get out the blunderbuss and the tinned Spam, Muriel”,

3 thoughts on “Calm down, Hugo – Denmark has had coalition government for 35 years!

  1. Even to ‘us’ in East Devon? But you don’t live here Hugo. And you must be pretty sick of the amount of time you’ve had to spend here over the last two weeks.


  2. On average, does anyone know (elections excepted) how often Hugo “visits” us in far flung East Devon? …. Many thanks if anyone can answer that 🙂


    • Ask his secretary or his highly paid House of Commons salary wife! I believe it an be a cessed via Freedom of Information rules!


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