Calm down, Hugo – Denmark has had coalition government for 35 years!

And the Danes seem quite OK with it!

You see, Denmark has not experienced single-party government in almost 35 years. During the past century we have had 29 governments – and hardly any composed of a single party. Coalitions are not only the order of the day in Denmark; they are a way of life.”


The media start reporting that the country is now living under a dictatorship. The Queen is dragged in, asked to withhold royal assent to measures that break up the Union. Next: Constitutional lawyers’ start to struggle to work out how Parliament can be dissolved. The financial markets collapse. Britain becomes ungovernable.

“Granted, this is a worst case scenario, but is it so far-fetched? In this election there is a clear choice: The competence of a strong Conservative team Or any other. Any other, risks chaos. And chaos always filters down to the regions, even to us here in East Devon. Vote Conservative on May 7th.”

“Get out the blunderbuss and the tinned Spam, Muriel”,

It’s my Party and I’ll cry if I want to …

Hugo had a “pre-election day meeting” in Exmouth last night, though for some reason he didn’t put the information on his website but he did put it on Twitter. Unfortunately, it didn’t get the response he may have hoped for:


Whatever happens next, Hugo, let’s hope your next Party is better!

Oh, and, if you ever want people to vote for you again in the numbers they did in the past, let’s hope you have learned some lessons from this campaign:  more interest in your constituency who put you in Parliament in 2010 (perhaps even live here), less arrogance, more humility and  just a tiny bit of compassion for those less well- off than you in EVERY sense.

Though we do look forward to your party offering free cookery lessons (with free ingredients, of course) to people who go to food banks.

Oh, sorry, of course the cookery courses will be privatised, run by a major supermarket and the cost of ingredients taken from benefits!



Keep calm, Hugo – it won’t be Armaggedon!

“So we end up in the same place as when we started. Unless the polls have been consistently wrong or there is a late unexpected swing, there will be another hung parliament. That may be inconvenient for the main parties, but it’s not a constitutional crisis of any description. It’s a legitimate democratic decision. Like it or not, some horse-trading will need to be done and a government will have to be formed. Because if there’s one thing that will make people even more sceptical about politics, it’s the thought of having to go through the whole process of another general election within even a year. Come to think of it, that might also be enough to put some politicians off politics.”

Compare that with Hugo’s panic-stricken vision of the Apocalypse if he isn’t a Very Important Person in the next government:

And here’s a story that says the public wants parties to work together instead of squabbling:

Perfect environment for Independent MPs!

Tribunal’s decision, on Knowle ‘secret’ papers, featured on Radio Devon News.

An interview with Jeremy Woodward ,whose Freedom of Information (FOI)  request set in motion a chain of events which has led to the Tribunal’s decision yesterday against EDDC, can be heard here: at 3mins 30secs. It was broadcast again an hour later, at about 1hour 3mins.

Immediately following the Tribunal’s report, another FOI request on the subject of EDDC’s office relocation was sent,this time by Chair of Save Our Sidmouth, Richard Thurlow. Details at this link: