It’s my Party and I’ll cry if I want to …

Hugo had a “pre-election day meeting” in Exmouth last night, though for some reason he didn’t put the information on his website but he did put it on Twitter. Unfortunately, it didn’t get the response he may have hoped for:


Whatever happens next, Hugo, let’s hope your next Party is better!

Oh, and, if you ever want people to vote for you again in the numbers they did in the past, let’s hope you have learned some lessons from this campaign:  more interest in your constituency who put you in Parliament in 2010 (perhaps even live here), less arrogance, more humility and  just a tiny bit of compassion for those less well- off than you in EVERY sense.

Though we do look forward to your party offering free cookery lessons (with free ingredients, of course) to people who go to food banks.

Oh, sorry, of course the cookery courses will be privatised, run by a major supermarket and the cost of ingredients taken from benefits!



2 thoughts on “It’s my Party and I’ll cry if I want to …

  1. Bravo, so many of us in East Devon have expressed and agreed with these views. Hopefully we will not have to BOTHER
    Mr Swire any further. We really felt that any local issues raised with him got in the way of his real job.!! Roll on with the exciting future of East Devon (we hope)


  2. If anyone thinks he will learn any lessons if he gets in again (urgh) they are mistaken. He thinks a seat is his God- given (sorry Mammon-driven) birthright and we are just his serfs.


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