If only …..

“Yesterday Sid Valley was represented at EDDC by 7 Conservative couoncillors. Today by just one, with six Independents! The three Sidmouth Town Independents gathered 71% of the votes cast in the ward. The former Vice Chairman of the Council was ousted from Sidford Rural.

If only the incumbents had taken the opportunity last December to vote for delay until after the election before pressing on with relocation and been seen to be speaking up for their electors.”

One thought on “If only …..

  1. Halving of their majority is quite something, and far more than we’d have hoped for in our wildest dreams after Claire’s result. It’s up to all the councillors now to speak out, both inside and outside the chamber,and not be cowed. The rest of us can help by using every available tool of legal process to hold them to account.


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