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  1. “That was a Party Political statement from the Conservative Party.”

    It is a great pity, but absolutely NOT a surprise, that Hugo Swire could not be bothered to spend even a few minutes tailoring this party central office press release to address the specific issues in East Devon or to say, for example, how many of these apprenticeships will be in his own constituency or the actions he will personally take to ensure that these apprenticeships in East Devon actually happen.


  2. Hugo doesn’t really have to do very much at all, what with the party machine preparing his “personal view from Westminster” , gobbled up by the local impartial! press .
    I have been looking at a website … Theyworkforyou.com
    It contains details of MP’s voting habits, expenses claims and other incriminating stuff!
    For example, I took a look at Swire’s income ( I am always loath to say earnings, as nobody earns these amounts of money !)
    In 2009/10 he was given £61,597.31 over a period of 11months by Photo-Me International , as a non-executive director . This represented attendances amounting to 113 hours, or just about 3weeks work to we plebs.
    Clearly this was too much for him, and he resigned on24th July 2010 , receiving a £50,000 ex gratis backhander for his sterling work, presumably , that is by having MP printed after his name!
    This is but one of his sources of income … One wonders how he could reasonably discharge the responsibility of being our elected representative.
    Take a look at the website and form your own opinion of what the member for East Devon “gets ” as an MP.
    Not that readers of the Owl haven’t already formed an opinion!


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