2 thoughts on “Our new EDDC Chairman

  1. Stuart Hughes may be a Tory now – and as of Wednesday the Council Chairman – but he was previously for some years a member of the Monster Raving Loony Party having stood in several elections under this banner. So, personally I think it is good to see that Stuart both has a sense of humour and is willing to make a fool of himself.

    Of course, the video is still a somewhat trite and ineffective way of communicating to the public, and probably won’t reach the type of people who would be interested in the Local Plan.

    Many of us also believe that the lack of a Local Plan, despite being over 7 years in development, is an extremely serious matter, and that this trivialises this.

    We can only hope that EDDC did not waste even 1p of taxpayers money on producing this video. But since this is not advertised on the East Devon web-site nor posted under an official EDDC YouTube account, it might well be something that Stuart Hughes has created himself at his own expense.


  2. The great thing about this video is that it completely explains – in one simply catchy phrase – East Devon District Council’s approach to development.

    “We plan anywhere” – presumably followed soon after by “We build anywhere”.

    Yup – there you have it, from the Chairman’s own mouth – that East Devon District Council’s approach to development is to plan to build all over East Devon, presumably including the countryside and even AONBs, regardless of whether it is an appropriate location or not.

    EDDC is proposing a Local Plan which will likely result in 30%+ growth – yes for every 3 homes already in East Devon, their plan will build another one – for every 3 towns, there will be the equivalent of a 4th one probably built on what is now a green field. The public needs to step up and send in their comments during the current consultation period.


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