Mark Williams to leave South Somerset by the end of this month?

Oddly, discussions on alternative arrangement have taken place only with Conservative and Independent councillors and this is on the council’s agenda for this Thursday:

” …the Leader and Deputy Leader together with the Conservative Group and Independent Group Leaders met with the Leader of EDDC to discuss the current situation and the resolution of Council. As a result of those discussions it has been agreed with EDDC, subject to approval by Council, that the existing agreement be terminated by mutual consent and that to reflect the fact that EDDC could have insisted upon being served 12 months’ notice by this Council from 1st October 2015 that the Council pay 6 months’ worth of the fees due to EDDC. This equates to a one-off payment of £42,124.87. In addition it has been jointly agreed that if approved by Council, termination should take effect from 31st July 2015.”

Click to access 8%20Council%20Report%20July%202015%20FINAL.pdf

One thought on “Mark Williams to leave South Somerset by the end of this month?

  1. Mark Williams to leave EDDC?
    Could we not take this opportunity to get rid of this role/incumbent completely. Huge waste of money with a long trail of errors.


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