A masterclass on how to turn bad news into no news into good news

To read this EDDC spin you would assume that the project on Sidmouth coastal defences has gone fantastically well. In reality it has dragged on, and on, and on. And reading between the lines, that is exactly how it will continue.

A particular masterpiece of spin that has us laughing out loud is this from Andrew Moulding:

It is tremendously exciting to have reached the fourth stage of this long and technically challenging coastal defence project – we are now only a short step away from being in a position where we can actually start to produce the BMP itself and provide a detailed plan for the short, medium and long-term management of the beach and cliffs.”


A short step away from STARTING!

Oh, and they forget to mention that, with 25-40% cuts in government spending, the chances of anything happening are slim.

Contrast this with Lyme Regis where a £20m four-phase scheme was completed in one year in 2014 which consisted of a 390m (1,200ft) stretch of sea wall should last 50 years and will safeguard nearly 500 homes and access to the town.