Anyone got £30 to spare for a good cause?

Sidmothian Jeremy Woodward (who began the Freedom if Information process that East Devon District Council lost in court about secret relocation meetings and papers) is, as of this moment, only £30 away from raising the £660 needed to begin another challenge to EDDC.

This time it is about appropriation of Knowle parkland to enable developers of luxury retirement homes to have a larger outside space.

Anyone who thinks this is a good cause is urged to donate the remaining amount. As mentioned before – this is NOT just about Sidmouth. This is about EDDC favouring developers over its own citizens and could happen anywhere in the district where EDDC own land.

2 thoughts on “Anyone got £30 to spare for a good cause?

  1. A big thank you to all those who donated to this campaign.
    It was really quite something to see the funds come in so rapidly – we raised what we needed in less than three days. Well done to everyone!
    The next step has been to instruct the lawyer to write to EDDC asking them to explain their rejection of the application to list the Knowle grounds as an Asset of Community Value.
    We will continue to keep you informed.
    Thanks again.


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