The dark side of political patronage and PR

Ms Mone, famous for modelling her saucy underwear, was made a Tory peer as a reward after she opposed Scottish independence and came out for the Tories at the election. She has been made ” business start-up czar by David Cameron. However, doubts are being cast on her business acumen by other Scottish entrepreneurs:

“… PRESSURE is growing on the UK Government to explain its appointment of Michelle Mone as its start-up czar after another leading Scottish businessman cast doubt over her suitability for the post.

The announcement that the lingerie entrepreneur would lead a review into encouraging start-ups in areas of high unemployment has caused controversy, amid claims that her high-profile owed more to skilful PR manipulation than meaningful success in the private sector.

… Despite achieving fame through the tabloids as the joint-founder of Ultimo bras and selling a rags to riches story having been raised in Glasgow’s East End, Ms Mone’s firm MJM International suffered losses of £780,000 in its last year, 2013, before passing its assets to its parent company, Ultimo Brands, which also made a loss, and ceasing to trade. Ms Mone has sold most of Ultimo Brands to a firm from Sri Lanka but remains a director.
An auditor’s report on MJM International accounts, for a period to the end of 2013, state that the company made “significant losses” over the previous 11 months and made a comment on a £135,000 transaction.

The report states: “With respect to one related party balance included within amounts owed to related undertakings of £135,000, the audit evidence available to us was limited because no confirmation of the related party balance was provided.”

A representative for Ms Mone, who is a Conservative Party supporter, said “no comment” after being offered the chance to respond to Mr Pirrie’s comments. …”

A glaring omission …

… to the press release about where to site gypsy and traveller accommodation in East Devon. Cranbrook and around the M5 and A30 suggested:

But there is another possible location not mentioned – the Blackdown Hills!

Wonder why? Surely gypsies and travellers would much prefer the countryside to suburban Cranbrook?

Anyone wishing to suggest any part of the Blackdown Hills as a suitable location can do so in writing to:

Planning Policy Section
East Devon District Council
Sidmouth, EX10 8HL

Comments must arrive on or before: Monday September 21, 2015.

Perhaps with a copy to the councillor for the Blackdown Hills, Paul Diviani, Leader, East Devon District Council.

When is a Community Hospital not a Community Hospital?

Anecdotal evidence reaches us that some of our Community Hospitals are taking patients discharged from RD and E who are from places as far away as North Devon.

Can anyone confirm this?

It would make a mockery of the ethos of community hospitals if true and would mean that bed closures leading to bed shortages in other areas were being covered up.