The dark side of political patronage and PR

Ms Mone, famous for modelling her saucy underwear, was made a Tory peer as a reward after she opposed Scottish independence and came out for the Tories at the election. She has been made ” business start-up czar by David Cameron. However, doubts are being cast on her business acumen by other Scottish entrepreneurs:

“… PRESSURE is growing on the UK Government to explain its appointment of Michelle Mone as its start-up czar after another leading Scottish businessman cast doubt over her suitability for the post.

The announcement that the lingerie entrepreneur would lead a review into encouraging start-ups in areas of high unemployment has caused controversy, amid claims that her high-profile owed more to skilful PR manipulation than meaningful success in the private sector.

… Despite achieving fame through the tabloids as the joint-founder of Ultimo bras and selling a rags to riches story having been raised in Glasgow’s East End, Ms Mone’s firm MJM International suffered losses of £780,000 in its last year, 2013, before passing its assets to its parent company, Ultimo Brands, which also made a loss, and ceasing to trade. Ms Mone has sold most of Ultimo Brands to a firm from Sri Lanka but remains a director.
An auditor’s report on MJM International accounts, for a period to the end of 2013, state that the company made “significant losses” over the previous 11 months and made a comment on a £135,000 transaction.

The report states: “With respect to one related party balance included within amounts owed to related undertakings of £135,000, the audit evidence available to us was limited because no confirmation of the related party balance was provided.”

A representative for Ms Mone, who is a Conservative Party supporter, said “no comment” after being offered the chance to respond to Mr Pirrie’s comments. …”

4 thoughts on “The dark side of political patronage and PR

  1. If a Cabinet, a Minister, and an entire Civil Service cannot solve a problem I fail to understand why the creation of a Czar (Tsar?) will help one bit. Have any of the previous Czars helped resolve any issues? If my memory serves most seem to quietly dropped for espousing views disliked by their political masters.


  2. I think she is strongly rumoured to be made a Tory peer but wonder if it will happen as she is not the only colourful lady friend of Cameron to have found their reputation in tatters recently. It seems that celebrity status rather than substance is the order of the day in Toryland. History teaches them little it seems.


  3. nothing like stuffing the house of lords with all your chums so much for being a democratic country.


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