Four supermarkets were competing for EDDC’s new HQ site in Honiton

According to the front page of today’s Midweek Herald:


Although Honiton Chamber of Commerce is ecstatic, the missed opportunity to have a Waitrose must get up some people’s noses.

Not to mention that even the lowest bid would probably have been enough (when one includes the £750,000 plus already spent on pre-location costs) to refurbish the current HQ at true zero cost.

Surely our Honiton- centric Cabinet didn’t let the Chamber of Commerce sway their decision?

One thought on “Four supermarkets were competing for EDDC’s new HQ site in Honiton

  1. We do need Councils to look at the whole aspect at the planning stage, i do not know if this was the case in Honiton, as i am from Exmouth, which is about to aspire to the EDDC s dream of the whole regeneration of our Seafront.
    We the residents do want to see improvements, but are showing alarm at such the large excessive development indicated.
    It appears that as well as the proposal which followed consultations throughout the town in 2010-11 which was for a new vibrant, active, tourism/ leisure zone, after being in close liaison with all existing tenants currently running businesses there.
    Now we have changes which are ambiguous and largely non-committal, but we now know that due to a lack of finance, they have indicated the need for a developer to build retail units, with apartments on first and second floors, which will pay for road infrastructure etc.
    They are not expecting any current business to stay, and the imagined liaison has been nondescript, they are also obscure about cost, or how long this area will be just a building site, after the removal of around 37 much loved Beach Huts on Queens Drive
    This is after a smaller development on Exmouth Quay, which is still not finished, but so far has around 280 residences of which 80+ are mostly empty in winter months. All this should be taken into consideration when we have had empty retail units on the sea front Bowling Complex with for let signs on the doors for the past 4 years.
    No property, built on our sea front has been a benefit to the many young Exmouth people wishing to buy or rent a property.
    Are we going to see this all happen again for the unforeseeable future in Exmouth, if we residents let Councils have their way.
    All this is the result of over 10 years of public meetings, seminars, consultations, and all the costs of this flawed Master Plan.


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