That report on Cranbrook again: design – or rather lack of it

“The quality of the architecture does not reflect the distinctive characteristics of the built environment in Devon. Cranbrook looks like it could be anywhere in the country. A more detailed and robust design guide should be created and enforced in future phases of the development.”

Er, didn’t East Devon District Council have a “Design Champion” during all this time? In 2014 the “Planning design and heritage champion” was Councillor Alen Dent and we seem to recall that Mrs Helen Parr also once held the job. Did they not notice this?

There also appears to be an “East Devon Design Review Panel”:

Anyone else ever heard of that before? And where are its agendas and minutes?

2 thoughts on “That report on Cranbrook again: design – or rather lack of it

  1. It sounds like the “East Devon Design Review Panel” was a standing meeting, and as per the ICO rules about what should be published by “principal councils” the agendas, reports and minutes of these meetings should have been published on the EDDC web site as a matter of course.

    Whilst EDDC has started to publish the minutes of some of the TaFFs and standing Forums (e.g. the Arts & Culture Forum and the Garage Management TaFF (yawn)), we are still awaiting publication of the documents from many other meetings such as the Asset Management Forum and the “East Devon Design Review Panel”.


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