More on that anti-social behaviour in Cranbrook. .. it’s adults as well as children

. .. as referred to in the recent DCC report. Yet another example of why appropriate infrastructure and social support MUST be built into new communities from the start:

“Anti-Social Behaviour, Cranbrook Park
On Monday 13th July PCSO Stannard held a Police surgery at St Martin’s Primary School with Mrs Beard (Head of the school) to listen to parents concerns about the level of anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the play park in Cranbrook.

Around a dozen parents showed up to discuss with me some of the issues that they have witnessed and had reported to them from their children. Some of these issues include bullying, intimidation and damage being caused to some of the play equipment. Many children now feel too scared to use the park in case they encounter any of this bullying.

The ASB is not just being caused by the children, with some adults causing problems too. There have been occasions when parents have been encouraging their child’s unruly behaviour, arguments between parents and also reports of adults smoking in the park.

This is all totally unacceptable.

PCSO Stannard has been given a list of names of some of the people acting inappropriately and we will be going to speak to them all over the next week about their behaviour.

If you witness anti-social behaviour in and around the park area, please report it to the police so we are fully aware of all of the problems and can take action to stop it, after all, the park is there to be enjoyed by all. Extra patrols will be undertaken in the area and anybody acting inappropriately will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

release date: 14 Jul 2015”