Cranbrook Town Council has its hands full

From its Facebook page – good luck dealing with the developers on these issues:

Town Council representatives from the Amenities Committee held the latest of their now regular meetings with representatives of the Growth Point Team, The Consortium / Developers and other key partners on 27th September.

The purpose of the meeting was to work through all the outstanding issues on phase one and to apply the lessons from Phase 1 to Phase 2 and ongoing development of the town.
Getting all of the partners together in one regular meeting has become very effective in moving issues forward and these meetings will continue as a regular feature as part of the process of ensuring that everything possible is being done to make Cranbrook a success.

The meeting is chaired by Cllr Kim Bloxham, who, with Darren Summerfield of the Growth Point Team, has put together a detailed list of all known outstanding issues. Those attending work through the list, item by item, identifying solutions and those responsible for delivery.

Some of the subjects discussed include:

• Realignment of some roads, parking, garage sizes, street lamp locations, street signage and street furniture;
• Utility issues including broadband, mobile phone signal and automatic meter reading;
• Streetscene issues including adoption, litter, and weeding;
• Landscaping issues including trees, hedgerow management, verges and fly tipping.
• Play areas;
• The Country Park;
• Allotments;
• Younghayes Centre;
• Train Station;
• MLR Upgrade;
• Working with Housing Associations;
• Public Transport
The work of this meeting is reported back to the full Town Council at its regular monthly meeting.

The members of the Amenities Committee make regular inspections of the Town’s facilities but also welcome members of the community being their eyes and ears. Please report any concerns on the Town Council Facebook page.