Exmouth Splat – spot the missing words

EDDC said:

“Our aim is to bring all-year-round attractions to the seafront, which will be enjoyed by a wider range of people – visitors and residents alike.

“Tourism is key to Exmouth’s long-term economic success and we want a seafront that combines the traditional and modern.

“We are working closely with our tenants to help them with the changes that are happening so that they can be part of this regeneration, if that is possible. Currently we have developers waiting to submit planning applications and there will be detailed future consultation on plans for the site.”” …

What’s missing? Nothing about the new luxury apartments that dominate this site!

And, as for those forthcoming “consultations” people might want to check that what is being consulted on is the scheme EDDC is actually working up with developers in secret meetings rather than something that will bear no resemblance to what is being discussed. Designs at consultation somehow don’t seem to pan out later on …..

Will luxury apartment really want to look out on noisy children playing in expensive enclosures, blocking their expensive views of the sea?