Exmouth regeneration: a resident writes

I spent my youth living in Ramsgate, and saw the town councillor’s over several years close down businesses and dither about making idiotic plans they could never keep. Usually big investors pulling of projects. I have lived in Exmouth for 2 years and would not like to see the same thing happen here.

My message to Richard Cohen is simple enough. If you force a business to close, you need to have something there to replace it. Big ideas cost big money. Have the council got all the funding they need.

So we hear of plans for a supermarket in the rugby grounds apparently going back a few years ago. It should already have happened. Now we hear of Marks and Spencer planning on opening a store in the bus depot. Then we hear the council yet again dithering about where they should have a store.

I have seen it all before, and know the outcome. Mr Richard Cohen needs to get his act together. Before this fine town ends up a ghost town.

Paul Meyer

One thought on “Exmouth regeneration: a resident writes

  1. Your right to be concerned, but those of us who will be at the Knowle on Wednesday evening are certain Exmouth will never become a ghost town, although it is realized by most, that the dated infrastructure which is way back in the 1960s, and is in need of much refurbishment, and modernization in many parts of the Town.
    The one gem Exmouth has is it’s coast line and it’s environment, this only needs cosmetic renovation.
    The last thing it needs are blocks of apartments, taking the over the openness of the only part of the front which ” although wanting upgrading” it has proved year after year, a popular area, with the many young families who holiday here.
    Yes we do need more facilities for water sports, such as a modern slipway nearer to Orcombe Point along with beach showers and a cafe with toilets in that area, all these things will not cost the £ millions being talked about, but these are the very things which would enhance the Queens Drive part of the sea front.
    We realize how much money can be made from selling apartments with the views we have in Exmouth, and every flat in the latest apartment block was sold on the Exmouth Quay, but out of 14 apartments, very few have any residents.
    Also they have become expensive for buying just for holiday lets.
    This is not a good situation and will be very little benefit for Exmouth families who wish to buy or rent a reasonable property.
    We will except the Leisure and the so called Splash Zone that was intended, but feel a big mistake that the businesses should not have had a part to play in this new development, with the Harbour View being reconstructed. What we want is preservation not annihilation of out sea front, and has caused an alienation between where i live on Exmouth Quay and the less fortunate of the Exmouth residents who are alarmed at the thought of more high priced apartment blocks being built along Queens Drive.

    Please forward this on to EDDC if you feel it is worth it. or to any one at this Wednesdays meeting .


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