Aah, so this is what a ” small enterprise town” is – fewer planning rules!

We have to go back all the way to July 2015 for this explanation of ” small enterprise towns”, which Owl thinks shows that the “growth point” and Cranbrook have been in deep trouble for a while. And/or another back-door route for “Local Enterprise Partnerships” to assume control by the back door yet again?

Shall we soon see councils disappear entirely so that LEPs take their place, perhaps? Developers to control planning and housing, unelected and unaccountable LEPs to control everything else?

“In his Summer Budget yesterday, Osborne said the government will be “launching a new round of enterprise zones for smaller towns” across England.

Historically, enterprise zones have introduced relaxed planning rules and economic incentives for businesses to operate in them. A Budget document published alongside the chancellor’s statement says the government will now be inviting bids for a new round of zones.

The document says: “This new round will focus on ensuring that all places in England can benefit, including rural areas where appropriate, and the government encourages towns and districts to work with local enterprise partnerships (LEPs) to develop bids.”

In May, Osborne said he was inviting bids to create new enterprise zones as part of his proposals to boost the northern economy.

Melanie Leech, chief executive of the British Property Federation, said: “Enterprise zones can galvanise government incentives, increase local government commitment to an area, and help businesses set up or expand.

“We therefore support the government announcing a new round of enterprise zones, and agree with its emphasis on LEPs having a role, and that they are seeking to support a broad spectrum of different business areas, whether that be industrial or retail, urban or rural.”


We hear in the press that Diviani and Williams were in the House of Commons yesterday:


Did they have the begging bowls out or were they plotting something more Machiavellian one wonders.