Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership – in their own words

This is the unelected and unaccountable body that wants to run Devon and Somerset


and this is what it wants to do:

“Our ambition is to maximise our area’s assets and inspire innovation and entrepreneurship to create long-term economic growth. We want to see our urban centres fulfil their capacity for growth whilst ensuring that our rural areas flourish through enterprise and improved competitiveness.”

This is their ” vision” for our area:


This is what it is currently spending our money on:


These are the unelected people running it:


including our own Paul Diviani, who will be in charge of housing for Devon and Somerset if this comes off (hope you won’t be needing a Devon and Somerset Local Plan guys) and Andrew Leadbetter (DCC councillor in charge of the rural broadband omnishambles).

Most of their current money (around £65m) has already been pledged to their favoured projects and most of the leg-work of who does what appears to have been pretty much sorted out.

Makes the East Devon Business Forum look like nursery school! Oh look, it has its own Business Forum:


Time to re-read “Brave New World” and “1984” Owl thinks!

One thought on “Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership – in their own words

  1. Does anyone think that Diviani, Leadbetter et al will ever realise that their customers are residents and voters and not businesses, and that cuddling up to businesses is only OK if the objectives of doing so are what the public actually wants?


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